Rising wealth in a pandemic

For many Covid-19 has been more then a challenge.

As a United States resident I can't help but see all the ways this pandemic has ravaged the American way of life. I couldn't help but feel as though our lives were being thrust into one of those cheesy horror movies I use to watch growing up in the 90's. The air of mystery and the eerie feeling that we were dealing with an unprecedented disaster the likes of which we'd never faced before was upon us. 

Living in the south, I'm use to people over-reacting towards any potential doomsday scenario. For residents of Georgia that means, milk, bread,  water, and in this scenario toilet paper will be flying off  the shelves immediately. I can  remember similar shelve emptying scenario's growing up such as the "Snowpoacalypse" that hit when I was a senior in high school.

The main difference between then and now, I was a participant in the economic horde of resources. While I was a little skeptical when COVID first came about that it was worth doing all this panicking, I did realize that it wasn't just people who weren't use to the cold or the cynical conspiracy theorists who were grabbing as much as they could. Oh no, it was everyone.

Regardless of whether I believed in the authenticity of the problem, the scarcity it was creating for necessities was very much real. Like many people I'm glad I decided to join in the fray, and get what I needed. It turns out I choose the right time to jump ship, as COVID wasn't just everything we predicted and feared it was worst.

The virus has taken many lives, and led to social distancing not only in our country,  but around the entire world. Many jobs were loss, billions in unemployment benefits & relief have been expended trying to help society stay afar to prevent the spread of this biological monster.

Another unplanned victim of this disaster, the economy. Many business's small, large, & corporate have been forced to close their doors with the rise of social isolation in America. 

I too suffered heavy financial losses during the onset of the virus. But something strange began to happen as this tragedy progressed. Amongst the darkness & wreckage that engulfed our lives, I saw a glimmer of hope.  It's true numerous companies had fallen even mighty corporate entities with longstanding history of business in America. However, all hope was not lost in-fact there were some industries that weren't just doing better but where skyrocketing in activity.

An idea sparked into my mind, and I decided to sit down at the table of companies that were not only trudging through the virus but excelling. I took note of who and what these companies were doing. How could I apply those some principles & concepts to my own business child, Paragon Complex? Surely, there had to be a way and if there was I was determined to find it.

Well, safe to say Ladies & Gentlemen I was successful. Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, to name a few corporate titans were doing phenomenal. The reason why, they had something to offer that isolation couldn't dampen. In-fact closed quarters presented significant opportunity for rising revenue in these entities. The glorious luxury of being a one stop shop for services once again saved my bacon. Although there were some areas in which the deficit I was facing couldn't be reversed in light of the global illness spreading, there were others that I put focus into and was able to not just double but triple in productivity. 

A Jack of all Trades, & Master of none. Fair to say but while this Jack hasn't mastered every Trade, he's been able to lean on the less space invasive one's to carry him through the pandemic. I hope other teams can rise to do the same for their operations, and we can all continue to prosper in the Land of the Free together.


Paragon Complex LLC